from it's rough wood architecture to the grandeur of the stained glass window behind the altar. The faith of a few in 1934, have brought us to many new beginnings in the life of St. Matthew's. First organized at a meeting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Harris, St. Matthew's has grown as a strong presence for Christ in Henderson, and the surrounding area, never ceasing to offer a joyful place  with a warm and caring congregation, and will do so for many years to come.

From the moment you enter

St. Matthew's, you feel warmth,

One part of the greater body of believers in Our Lord, Jesus Christ

The Episcopal Dioceses of Texas

St. Matthew's is not just a 'church unto itself', but rejoices to be a part of a greater body of believers in Jesus Christ, the Episcopal Dioceses of Texas. We join with 160 congregations, located in the eastern quadrant of Texas.

The Episcopal Church

As a member under the umbrella organization of the national Episcopal Church, St. Matthew's joins hands with all members of the worldwide Anglican Communion, and celebrate our unity in Christ while honoring our differences, always putting the work of love before uniformity of opinion.


Our Staff

The Reverend

Patsy Barham

Josh King

Mary Wade

Linda Craig


Youth Minister

Parish Administrator

Children's Ministry

Vestry & Ministry Chairs

Senior Warden

Junior Warden





Kim Robinson

James Ross

Alexa Duke

AlyssaThornley Glenna Broadaway


Camilla Foppis

Jim Kangarga

Linda Craig

Anna Craig


Organist & Music Coordinator



Custodial Care


A Church that Serves

Many members of St. Matthew's serve in rotation, offering their service as: Acolytes, Altar Flowers, Altar Guild, Chalice Bearer, Lay Eucharistic Minister, Lay Reader, Musicians, or as Oblationer & Greeters. 


St. Matthew's Episcopal Church welcomes all who worship Jesus Christ, come join us.

At St. Matthew's our mission is to be a body of believers united in a common desire to love and serve the Lord. Our faith journey is to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with our God, as exemplified by the life of our Lord, Jesus Christ.


St. Matthew's Episcopal Church

214 College St., Henderson, Texas 75654



St. Matthew's